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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Almost relaxed today-

I passed another goalpost this morning by briefing one of my programs and getting approval to get a new contract with Lockheed-Martin for the work I need done. The building where I work is in a easy-going mood today since there is a going away lunch for two guys that are retiring and another leaving for a different division. (That would be my government handler/boss.) There's a punch and cookie reception later for the two retirees and a bunch of visitors coming around to say good bye to these two. One of them, Lynn, is 83 and has been in government service since he was a radio operator on B-29 aircraft, bombing Germany on missions out of England. He's a neat guy and I'll miss working with him every day.

I passed my Biology quiz yesterday with 13 points out of 16. I'm just barely keeping an A in that class! Hoover Dam! My speech on restrictive gun ban laws and their effectivity really deserves its own post.

Its terrific scooter riding weather right now, with the exception of the 50 something degree temperatures on the way into work. There's good scooter news to report separately too.

Now it is time for me to head off to class.

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